The View is the worst and Joy Behar is a gaslighting weasel: A brief appraisal of liberal media

The View is the worst show in the history of TV. Well, the Man Show was pretty bad looking back, but it wasn’t propaganda — it was just chauvinism and objectification of women which was just part of the fabric of the morality of the olden days — the 2000’s. It is because of things like the Man Show that sexism and toxic masculinity became so widely recognized and many changes took place and that is good.

So, in a way, the Man Show was a form of spreading awareness via comedy. Technically, Jimmy Kimmel doing a blackface Karl Malone impression and showing girls in bikinis jumping on trampolines during the end credits was a form of activism, in a way that is just totally ridiculous to try and claim but at least I admit when I’m bullshitting — unlike Joy Behar.

The View is pure propaganda. The format is having one conservative and however many liberals sit and discuss inconsequential minutiae of contemporary politics in a way that oversimplifies issues down to one or two emotionally manipulative talking points that carry with them no potential whatsoever of leading people who trust in what these women say towards any action or change in perspective that might upset the status quo.

Here in one 43 second video you see Joy Behar dismissing the concerns people have on inflation and gas prices as not just irrational (inflation will go away, get over it) but she is doing so in a way that implies that expressing those concerns is being a toxic and divisive malcontent who won’t just shut the fuck up and stop threatening our democracy.

This is hypocritical enough if you just consider the behavior of the media during the Trump administration. Every day was another Press Conference where the President was harangued by reporters over nonsensical and fabricated bullshit. Almost everything that was pushed is now in the open as false — the biggest being all the Russia stuff.

If you didn’t believe in what is now revealed to be a scheme cooked up by Clinton, her advisers and the DNC to push a false link between Trump and Russia — you were an enemy, an idiot, conspiracy theorist (which is an insult but shouldn’t be). This demonstrable hoax simultaneously allowed the media to continue hysterically smearing a sitting President, wholesale dismiss the contents of HRCs emails as “Russian propaganda” while never denying their legitimacy and they painted Trump as some stooge puppet of a familiar enemy as a way to brainwash people into becoming McCarthyists. And NOTHING will ever be done about it.

You want to talk about devaluing democracy? Look in the mirror, Ms. Behar. Prepare for getting jump scared before you do, I don’t want anyone having a heart attack.

The fact that something like that even HAPPENED is probably a good indicator that this country has not been a functional democracy for at least a few years (Citizens United ruling was the start of the fall, in earnest. No one showed up at any houses of Justices when they decided that uncapped corporate campaign donations were a form of speech) so it’s kind of insulting and infuriating that the same talking heads who spent four years attacking the integrity of our democracy with their idiotic opinions and are now running interference for Joe Biden’s inaction. incapability, ineptitude have the nerve to try and suggest that normal people, a majority of this county are attacking democracy by simply raising concerns about inflation and gas prices.

This is infuriating to me. That is seriously psychopathic. Most people can live a healthy fulfilling life and tacitly accept or merely tolerate this sort of thing but A LOT of people actually but this sort of thing.

For them to spend 4+ years at the least being toxic, divisive, nonsensical all while portraying themselves as morally superior and now say democracy is under attack from people sharing concern about the fact we are all getting squeezed, while the President feigns empathy in public but doesn’t give a flying fuck and his inaction speaks a million words — that is so twisted. That’s what some writer for Buzzfeed or HuffPo told us is called “gaslighting”.

Pretty irresponsible to gaslight with prices this high…. I mean, come on…Wow what a great audience.

Sure, you are free to say what Uruk Hai warrior, I mean TV personality Joy Behar said here. But it’s such an outrageous line of manipulative, dismissive bullshit that demonizes one group while manipulating the others.

PS — The View also makes sure to fire whoever is in the conservative chair if they are making too much sense with what they say, while the liberal media wage a constant war the rest of the time by taking something dumb the Republican girl said out of context and writing an article about it. The other ladies probably collectively said a hundred dumb things that same episode but the article gets written about the “crazy God fearing supporter of child killing”, by nut jobs who think discussing limits on 3rd trimester and partial birth abortion is just unrelated completely to the subject of child killing.

I’m sorry, but linking all republicans in Texas to the subject of child killing is crazier than linking supporters of partial birth abortion to it. One is literally supporting the thing, the other is six degrees of Kevin Bacon away from it and that’s just facts.

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