Satire MDCCLXXVI-MMXXII: obitus Americus

The ongoing show trial and the public reaction to it is the most emblematic sign of the death of the United States of America.

The revolutionary spirit on which this country was founded is now demonized and forsaken by a critical mass of the populace. Reality is long gone, no longer in sight if you check the rear view HD camera. History rewritten aside from that which is hung over our heads, we sit like slugs in our bedrooms with unopened Amazon packages filling up our living room which is reserved for gathering the tribe during tornado warnings.

We put flags of former Soviet States on our profile pics in lieu of faking support for one another. We comment on one another’s bits of unnecessary oversharing to declare Russia a terrorist state and those that do it most are more than old enough to remember 9/11 and thus the two falsely-justified “wars” that followed but lack the reasoning to reconcile the sins of our immediate past with those of centuries past and have even less ability to compare our nations’ past against others.

We bicker over false morality vaguely defined and only present is our inconsequential pleasantries and value optics over what is true and shape our actions from this idealistic mold in comically tragic ways. We are done, the vertigo is too much and the whiplash snapped many a neck leaving behind husks of men and women who once even seemed not only autonomous but sentient, but no longer.

If we aren’t programmed to acquiesce to something nebulous and undefined we are programmed to simply acquiesce to acquiescence, for the sake of Bezos. We put the pitchforks down, we stopped marching to express discontent with those which betrayed us and we’re going home to a place owned by not us, but by those on the vanguard of a new world order.

Bend the knee and bow to Bezos.



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