Roe, Republicans, Really Head-Scratching Strategerie & Hard Mountain Dew; Zero Sugar and No Fucks. A Rushed Response

All the GOP had to do to ensure a massive victory in midterms in not just a political sense, but potentially a paradigm shift in how the party is viewed — was to let the democratic party and the sideshow it has become continue on unabated.

They could have positioned themselves easily as the party of reason, the party who cares about America and unity rather than being consumed by globalization propaganda and toxic divisiveness hidden behind a facade of social justice.

They just had to be NOT DEMOCRATS. Instead, we have bickering over great replacement theories and celebrating a hamfisted and ridiculous regression forced upon us by morons and zealots who will celebrate the forced birth of children into a world that will berate them and chide them when they become adults with no rudder, cheated out of the parental direction and preparedness that are reserved for children who were planned for.

They will mercilessly cheer the cuts of benefits and other AID these children will eventually need. They will never reach the level of clarity necessary to delve deeper into the downstream effects of this already horrendous decision and they will never try.

It is a clump of cells. The “proof” people give to say that a clump of dividing cells is sentient and human the second the man withdraws his penis is all fictional and anecdotal, pro-lifers are garbage people. They are stupid, they are looney tunes and make less sense than the worst person you’ll find on Libs of TikTok.

This is stupid. Well done, GOP. You’ve proven yourselves as just as out of touch and ripe for jokes as your opposition and this country is hopeless. We won’t escape the wrath of God when he puts completely unqualified and incomprehensible stupidity in power and privilege for us to watch as we facepalm ourselves repeatedly.

We are Rome, in all it’s infamy and just as ripe for satire.




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Joseph R. Cooper

Joseph R. Cooper

Serial underachiever, persona non grata, disc golf enthusiast and high-IQ failure. Not right wing or left wing, but often chewing because I love food.