GOP stupidity, bleak future, abortion, red white and blew

Population is on the decline in the US, along with enlistment rates and what better way to ensure future generations of cannon fodder will be available for American militaristic adventures in the future than forcing children to be born into a situation that automatically puts them behind the curve?

If parents are even a little bit on the fence about whether or not a child is wanted it is going to lead to a child facing tougher circumstances. Unplanned pregnancies alone lead to children having poorer outcomes (and incomes) as adults than their planned-for counterparts.

Republicans were all set to go into 2022 elections all but guaranteed a “red wave” over the ineffectual and incompetent democrats — who instead of helping actual Americans continue to coast on the notion that the dems are somehow the people’s party when the last time they did anything for the people is honestly lost on me (if anyone is about to comment “Obamacare” just defriend me).

Now, Republicans are cheering the news of a possible ban on abortion — without thought as to the fact kids being forced to be born will lead to more poverty, more entitlements, more welfare and bigger government. Idiots….

They seem think saving a fetus will get them closer to heaven to make up for all the illicit gay sex in airport bathrooms they partake in.

Guess what, jags? That cringe that you feel when you see a democrat pretending to be a beacon of justice to make up for their own guilt over racism is exactly how people look at you when you pretend to give a shit about unborn babies. Fuck off, you brainless idiots — you are supposed to be saving us from these looney toon wackos on the left who think constantly dividing us over the past is a good strategy to fix the country.

I hate this country, but only because of the stupid people leading it and the stupid people who don’t seem to register just how fucking stupid this all is…




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