‘Gender Queer’ discusses the exact problem IT IS CAUSING with ZERO self-awareness (or any awareness)

The kerfuffle over “the most banned book in the world”- a graphic (both sexually graphic and ‘graphic’ as in “graphic novel”) memoir about childhood confusion over gender and sexuality is another in a neverending series of wedge issues that rightly elicits groans at the dinner table whenever someone’s Hannity dad broaches the issue — but I digress….

The book is portrayed by mainstream media and brainwashed evangelists of corporate neoliberalism as a deeply necessary portrayal of confused child sex and gayness, despite the fact that no portrayals of this material are necessary and I’d wager a good sum of my savings that many of the portrayals would be FUCKING ILLEGAL.

Anywho… the left says that the right says this book will lead to kids becoming confused and full of cock lust and gay curiosity. If you ask me, the right is right about that but the rules of the left dictate that the things the right is saying about this gay shit is politically incorrect.

The author, someone I wont dignify here, is riding the controversy, as well as heavily-astroturfed reviews and fawning press from the usual suspects of liberal media to high profits and — yay for them, go capitalism!

But they admit in the book the very same effects of media on impressionable young minds that many parents have expressed concerns over — directly discussing the authors’ sexual response to gay sex scenes, which end up making the penis that the author does not have (but really wants) tingle with “electricity”.

So why is the right looney for thinking this dumb book might do the same? If this shocked the author’s nonexistent peen it will probably do the same to a bunch of kids who don’t need this stupid fucking book, because deciding what you like sexually is a life decision best made by adults, not overly empowered and entitled children being bombarded by WW3 talk and KGBTQIA propaganda that seems to only exist to spark nonstop arguments and sow division.



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