1/6 and tonight

I know politics is stupid and I can’t seem to get out of my own way when it comes to chasing likes, post engagement and core audience retention so there’s no use trying to fight the urge I have to say what I think now.

Tonight begins the show trials of shows. The ultimate spectacle of political theater and what may end up as the grand conclusion of whatever hell is on the other side of this past few years of absolute lunacy and unreality the media has led us down.

You might instinctively grown at this, I admit it sounds douchey and hyperbolic but I’m about as socialist as a person who wants socialism for the AMERICAN PEOPLE instead of socialism for those who claim to govern us while representing those of stature and obscene wealth. On the flip side of that I am as right wing as a person who believes in people, order, accountability and what was once referred to as the American dream before this soulless, impotent two party system turned that into all but a distant memory…

What I mean to say is, I don’t have any skin in the game. I’m not a Trump guy. I’m not a Biden guy. I have eyes and ears, though and have learned something that I am still utterly confounded that everyone hasn’t clearly seen through enough to wanna scream at — that the television has no truth to offer, it has an agenda. The agenda they serve is to keep you from reaching a state of mental clarity that would make things crystal clear to you.

The TV isn’t here to teach, it’s not here to inform — it’s here to do whatever is in it’s power (a tremendous amount of power) to make sure that the power establishment — the cadre of multinational corporations and political action committees/politicians/political parties who do their bidding — goes on indefinitely, uninterrupted unless by design, un disturbed — no matter the cost.

It tells you what it wants you to believe, so that you don’t go doing things that might upset the status quo, or relaying information counterproductive to the objectives and goals of the power of capital and governance.

There is no “America” to this power structure — multinationals have no allegiance, no loyalty, and the worst offenders own the networks who peddle thoughtless liberal trash propaganda that wants to soften up society so that America will simply succumb to self-destruction should they not be able to thoroughly convince people to keep willy nilly handing over their rights to control hungry useful idiots who would rather see this country burned to ashes then let a population tiring of their current inaction and avarice keep their guns and their freedoms.

Tonight represents an assault on freedom. The exaggeration of what wiz called an insurrection and a tragedy and you are cancelled and fired should you say anything to the contrary. It represents another round of a soulless neoliberal psychopath with the surname of Cheney trying to dismantle what it means to be American, what it means to have liberty, freedom, rights — the sort laid bare for all to see in the pages of the withering Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The elder Cheney made obscene profits and created the current infrastructure (police state) ostensibly formed to fight Islamist extremist terrorism.

Tonight, the bipartisan establishment and power structure work as one to turn about the focus of the Patriot Act to now focus on DOMESTIC TERRORISM, DOMESTIC EXTREMISM — this is a farce and if you laugh or mock what I am saying here because you actually let Trump get in your feels so dang much, let the media convince you he was the worst as the same talking heads tacitly nod along to this FUCKING IDIOT letting things go to shit while he signs a multi billion dollar check overseas every other day while things unravel and violence and divisiveness foments and metastasizes — well, I don’t know what to tell you. It seems to me a critical mass of people who’ve grown too comfortable and too trusting in those who would (and will soon be) be tyrants and have taken the bait hook line sinker, rooting on the setting in stone of a domestic police state, signing off on making it official that we, the people — are letting crooks and thieves use sleight of hand and Tv magic to officially declare us “the bad guys” — this is pivotal — don’t let this absolute farce they so cynically and hysterically compare to 9/11 by calling it 1/6 be the establishments excuse to say, “fuck the left wing, fuck republicans, bow to neolib, neocon fascists and thank us that we’d even consider you for the bread lines in the not too distant future”.

This is a day to remember. Not a rope being opened to let in an orderly crowd.



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